Shanghai Jiao Tong University has six campuses, the Xuhui, the Minhang, the Qibao, the Shangzhong Road , the Fahuazheng Road and the Chongqing Road(south). Apartment for International Students is in Minghang and Xuhui Campus, the accommodation’s price is approximately 50-130 RMB/Day.

Note: Shanghai Jiao Tong University  doesn't offer accommodation for non-degree Chinese language students.

All dorms are equipped with air-conditioner, free of charge internet service, phone and TV set, beddings.

Those who live in Minghang Campus for 2 semesters, accommodation fee during summer or winter vacation will be free.

  • 24 hour check-in service
  • Moving in before or after registration is both ok
  • 3 days Moving in 3 days before registration date is allowed
  • Pay by semester via bank card, international credit card: 3% handing charge, international remittance
  • Off campus living is permitted, but should register at Internationale Student Service Center
  • Pay by bank card, international credit card(3% handling charge), international remittance

Minghang Campus

Minghang Campus is located in No.800 Dongchuan Road, Minghang District. There’re Building 8, 9,10, 12, 51 for exchange students and graduate students. The Academic Activity Center is a hotel, which is also available for international students. 

Students who live in school dorms on Minhang Campus for two consecutive semesters won’t be charged for accommodation during the summer or winter vacation between the two semesters.

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Xuhui Campus

Xuhui Campus is located in No.1954 Huashan Road, Shanghai City. Lianxiang Building and Building 9 are provided for all the international students. Besides, The Faculty Activity Center is also a good choice.

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