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Tongji Medical University is one of the medical institution of higher learning under Ministry of Public Health. It was initially founded by Doctor Bolon of the German nationality in Shanghai in 1907 as a German Medical School. In 1927, it was renamed the Medical College of National Tongji University. In 1951, it was moved from Shanghai to Wuhan and merged with the Medical College of Wuhan University. Then, it was named the Central-south Tongji Medical College. The Tongji Hospital founded in Shanghai in 1900 and the Hankou Union Hospital founded in 1866 were attached to Tongji College as teaching hospitals. In 1955, the college changed its name to Wuhan Medical College; and in 1985, it was officially named the present Tongji Medical University. In August, 1996, the Public Health Ministry and Hubei Province decided to construct Tongji Medical University together, and Liyuan Hospital was affiliated as another teaching hospital. In January,1997, the University passed the evaluation of the State Educational Commission, together with the Public Health Ministry and Hubei Province that allowed funds for the key subjects of the "211 Project".

The university adheres to the principles of running a school for socialism and to the Party's educational policy. There are now 6 schools, 12 departments(boards),including 9 specialities and 6 quasi-specialities. An educational pattern has been formed which puts the undergraduates education as the foundation, the graduate students education as the focal point and actively develops the multi-subject,multi-speciality and multi-level adult education. A competitive mechanism is introduced each year which entitles excellent students to be promoted and demotes the less productive students to lower levels in the 3-year, 5-year,and 7-year systems. Our university has taken a lead in carrying on the credit system and on the tutor system for under-graduates amony the medical colleges and universities in our country. Many key subjects have been constructed in our university, 2 at the national level, 3 at the provincial level and 15 at the college level. The national key subject, general surgery or organ transplantation,was one of the first founded in this field in our country, and is one of the largest experimental and clinical research centers for general surgery and organ transplantation in China. The national key subject, environmental health, achieved the first-class certificate for the environmental influence evaluation of the nation in 1987, and is the only subject that has won this qualification in the medical universities of higher learning in our country. Our university possesses 2 key laboratories and 1 clinical pharmacological base under the Ministry of Public Health, 12 institutes, 9 research centers, 19 independent research offices, over 80 teaching and research offices, 3 attached hospitals and 1 affiliated secondary health school. The Wuhan Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences of China, The Wuhan Branch of the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, and the German Training Center of the Public Health Ministry are also located in the university.

Our university now has one academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, more than 1,400 full and associate professors and over 1,800 lecturers. The entire staff numbers above 7,500. Doctorate degrees can be conferred in 31 subjects and specialities, with 116 tutors for doctoral candidates, and there 51 subjects and specialities for which Master's degrees can be granted with over 540 tutors for graduate students. Post-doctoral mobile stations have been set up in basic medicine, in public health, in preventive medicine and in clinical medicine. There are nearly 900 doctoral and graduate students,more than 3,500 undergraduates, over 300 students in the 3-year system, 62 foreign students and above 2,000 students for adult education. More than 40,000 medical,pharmaceutical and health professionals have been fostered since the founding of the school. Since 1981, 282 medical doctors and 2,818 medical masters have been graduated from here.

Our university has obtained great achievements in 545 research projects since 1978,and 407 of them received awards at or above provincial or municipal levels. Among the awards 5 were awarded Top Prizes for the National Scientific and Technical Programs, 1 for the National Invention Programs, 87 for the Scientific and Technical Programs of the Ministry of public Health, 41 for the Scientific and Technical Programs of the State Educational Commission, and 172 for the Scientific and technical Programs of the other ministries and committees of our country. Our university has edited and published 20 academic journals, which holds the first place in the medical colleges and universities of our country. Over 200 kinds of reference books were compiled and published. The university has chiefly edited 9 textbooks planned by the Ministry of Public Health for medical and pharmaceutical education of higher learning for the whole country and 11 edition of the textbooks have won the National Textbook Prizes for Excellence.There are more than 800 people in our university who hold the position of directors or committee members or higher in our learned societies at home and abroad.

The university library has a collection of over 530,000 volumes of books in more than 150,000 different subjects, and possesses 2,400 kinds of journals in five languages such as English,German, Japanese, French and Russian. A computer managerial network sysyem was built up in 1990, and the liberary was linked with MEDLARS international on-line terminal in 1992, and it entered the international INTERNET in 1996. At present, the library has gained the informational consulting functions of carrying on the global E-mail and of inquiring about library literature, office and global information. The university has a 1,000 square meters building for animal experimentation with standards of excellence in cleanliness, with each requirement meeting international standards. Therefore, the Experimental Animal Department has been assigned as a qualitative monitoring station for experimental animals in Hubei Province. Also, an Experimental Medical Research Center with 6,600 square meters has provided excellent conditions for multi-projects to enjoy cooperative study. The two attached hospitals, Union and Tongji, are the national first-class units at level III, which have 2,600 beds altogether and receive a total of over 2.2 million out-patient visitors annually. The hospitals are comprised of enough clinical departments, well-qualified professionals and such advanced and precise apparatus and equipment as large Abgiography Machine. Spiral CT's, Superconductor MRI,PCT,ECT, a Color Doppler Echo Cardiography Machine,Microselectron HDR,leksell Grammn Knife and X Knife. Thus they have become the standard clinical teaching base and one of the centers for medical service,teaching and research in the central-south of China and , indeed, the whole country.

Our university has had a friendly mutual relationship with Germany for a long time and is the key university in cultural exchanges between China and Germany. Over the past 10 years of reform and opening, relationships of inter-university project cooperation have been formed one after another with more than 40 universities,institutes,hospitals and companies in a series of such countries, areas and international organizations as Germany, US,Japan,Canada,Sultan, Malaysia,Hongkong, the WHO and the Children's Fund of the UN. Since 1979, 907 professionals have been appointed to study abroad, and 1,590 specialists have participated in scientific cooperation and exchange of short duration. Honorary doctorates, honorary professorships, guest professorships and honorary adviserships have been conferred on more than 70 foreign experts and scholars. Over 3,000 people have been invited and received as foreign visiting scholars for short periods of time and more than 300 foreign students have been trained for long duration.

The university has made great progress in scientific and technical exploitation and set up the Tongji Bloc company of Science and Technology in 1993. there are now 36 enterprises directly controlled or loosely controlled by the university. It is the first university in our country to have developed Sino-foreign joint venture enterprises, and Tongji-Meiji Medicinal Co. Ltd. a Sino-Japan Joint Venture, is the first pharmaceutical enterprise of joint venture in Hubei Province. In addition, our university has developed the buildings along three streets into shops for science and technology trade. All of these have been providing a powerful guarantee for the university to construct the key subjects and entitling the entire university to become one of the 100 key universities in the coming century in our country.

Our university pays great attation to the coordinate development of "Two Civilizations" and has set up "Ten Projects" for patriotic and moral education. The attached Tongji Hospital has become one of the ten national civilized model hospitals. The university itself and the attached two hospitals, Union and Tongji, have been rated consecutively as "Provincial Civilized Units" and "the Best Provincial Civilized Units" respectively.

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