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Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

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  • Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

    In today's information age, BUPT is the member of both 211 and 985.

  • Ranked 75th in China

    BUPT ranked 75th in China's universities, while its engineering subjects ranked top 3 in China. Outstanding alumni include several ministers and National academicians.

  • Located in Beijing

    Beijing has highly-developed public transportation system and living facilities of international standards.

  • Library Service

    BUPT Library, with a number of academic resource centers run by faculties, has a total collection of 3,440,000 in volumes and electronic form.

  • Dedicating Faculty

    The faculty members, well-balanced in experience and specialities, are equipped with leading academic capability and devotion to the cause of education, all being professional and dedicating in teaching.

  • International Class

    A Turkmenistan student who used to study the Long-term Chinese Language Program in 2012 recommended it to his friends, "Fei Chang Hao," he said in Chinese, meaning "excellent","I'm very satisfied with BUPT's teaching quality and curriculum."

  • Signal and Information Processing

    This is a doctoral-degree program for international students to continue their research in signal and information processing. One great advantage of the program is that all courses are taught in both English and Chinese.

  • Cultural Experience

    International students can participate in various fascinating Chinese culture experiencing activities, which is a perfect opportunity to improve your language skill and enhance your understanding about the country.

  • Delicious Food in Beijing

    An average living cost for each student is around 180 Yuan per day including daily accommodation fee and other living espenses such as food and transportation.

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Top Reasons to Study in BUPT

  • One of the best Chinese universities in Electrical Engineering field.
  • A research-oriented university with information technology and telecommunications.
  • One of the most important teaching and research bases for information technology and telecommunication industry in China.
  • The campus has a quiet, comfortable environment and is very convenient for transportation.
  • One of the universities in Beijing that offers the lowest tuition fee for Chinese program.
  • The English taught Telecommunications Engineering program is available.
  • The campus is close to the foreign student lifestyle centre of Wudaokou.
  • Most of the staff and Chinese students speak English well.
Popular Programs
Non-Degree    More
Long term Chinese Language Program (fall semester) - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Long term Chinese Language Program (fall semester) - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Long term Chinese Language Program (spring semester) - Starting Date:2016-03-01
Preparatory Course - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Long term Chinese Language Program (spring semester) - Starting Date:2016-03-01
Bachelor's Degree   More
Internet of Things Engineering - Starting Date:2016-09-01
E-Commerce Engineering with Law - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Telecommunications Engineering with Management - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Business Administration - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Economics - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Master's Degree   More
Software Engineering - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Control Thoery and Control Engineering - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Optics Engineering - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Computer Architecture - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Manufacture Technology and Automation - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Doctoral Degree   More
Signal and Information Processing - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Computer Software and Theory - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Mechanical Electronics Engineering - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Computer Applied Technology - Starting Date:2016-09-01
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Average Living Expense: 2200 -2800 RMB