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  • Nantong University

    NTU was established in 2004 with the amalgamation of Nantong Medical College, Nantong Institute of Technology and Nantong Teachers College.

  • Located in Nantong

    Nantong University is located in Nantong, a coastal city in the east of China.

  • Excellent International Education

    In 2010, School of International Education (SIE) was established to promote international education.

  • Library

    The library boasts abundant resources and is arranged in perfect order.

  • Strong Faculty

    Many scholars have devoted themselves to the teaching and development of Nantong University.

  • International Classroom

    "I am honored to have the chance to study and live in Nantong University, that's a rewarding experience in my life."-James (from Holland)

  • Chinese Training Program

    In each week, there are 22 periods of classes including comprehensive Chinese, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Character, Chinese Culture and Physical Education.

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Colorful and interesting activities are regularly held for international students.

  • Student Hostel

    The student hostel is well equipped with modern facilities and living infrstructure.

  • Welcome to Apply

    Apply now and embark on the new life in Nantong University!

Top Reasons to Study in NTU

  • The university is a young university and it is also the fastest-growing university in China.
  • Applicants of medicine can apply for "Jasmine Jiangsu Government Scholarship".
  • One of the lowest tuition fees of Chinese universities.
  • The dormitory building and room are new and clean, also cheap.
  • The university will in charge of the international students' affaris.
  • Nantong is an attractive historical tourist coastal city of scenic beauty and temperate climate, very close to Shanghai.
  • English taught MBBS program is available and the tuition fee is really low.
  • The university is listed in the WHO World Directory of Medical Schools and the degree is recognized by MCI, PMDC, USMLE, HPCSA, SCHS etc.
Popular Programs
Non-Degree    More
Regular Chinese Language Training Program - Starting Date:2017-03-01
Regular Chinese Language Training Program - Starting Date:2017-03-01
Regular Chinese Language Training Program - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Regular Chinese Language Training Program - Starting Date:2016-09-16
Bachelor's Degree   More
MBBS - Starting Date:2016-10-15
Value of Money

Average Living Expense: 1600 -2050 RMB