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Capital Normal University


  • Capital Normal University

    As a key university funded by Beijing municipal government, Capital Normal University is well-known for its role in cultural transmission and innovation.

  • Ranked No.76 Overall in China

    Capital Normal University is a key university funded by Beijing municipal government.

  • Located in Beijing

    Beijing is the political and cultural center of China, and also a beautiful city with long and rich history and culture.

  • Library

    The library has more than 2507,600 books, among which there are 2345, 400 printed books.

  • Strong Faculty

    Capital Normal University is equipped with many famous and experienced scholars and professors with solid academic background.

  • International Class

    "Capital Normal University is really a perfect place to study and live in, I have deeply fallen in love with it."-John (from Canada)

  • English Taught Degree Program

    It aims at training overseas students with a high Chinese level, a deep understanding of Chinese culture and modern Chinese society.

  • Campus Life

    International students here can enjoy colorful activities in a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Students' Canteen

    Canteen provides international students with cuisines from all over the world.

  • Welcome to Apply

    The rich scholarship is waiting for you, don't hesitate to apply!

Top Reasons to Study in CNU

  • One of the best universities in Beijing offers Chinese program.
  • Administration Office is very friendly; you get to know them by name quickly.
  • Teachers are very friendly and eager. They all fairly well-qualified.
  • The campus and the teaching building are decent, and the staff speak quite good English.
  • Surrounding is quiet. There are guards everywhere and all of them are very polite.
  • Situated in downtown area and has easy access to the public transportation.
  • The university is Beijing Mandarin Training and Testing Center.
  • It is the only training base of college entrance examinations for students from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas Chinese students.
Popular Programs
Non-Degree    More
Chinese Intensive Course - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Chinese Intensive Course - Starting Date:2016-03-02
Summer Short-term Chinese Language Program - Starting Date:2015-08-04
Chinese Language Training Program - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Chinese Language Training Program - Starting Date:2016-02-20
Bachelor's Degree   More
BA Chinese language - Starting Date:2015-09-01
BA Chinese language - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Intelligent Science and Technology - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Information Engineering (Photoelectronic Information) - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Electronic and Information Engineering - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Master's Degree   More
Computer Science and Technology - Starting Date:2016-09-01
International Economics and Trade - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Zoology - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Physiology - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Aquatic Biology - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Doctoral Degree   More
Genetics - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Mathematical Physics - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Mathematics Education - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Operational Research and Cybernetics - Starting Date:2016-09-01
Applied Mathematics - Starting Date:2016-09-01
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Average Living Expense: 2200 -2800 RMB