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Top Reasons to Study in NUST

  • A member of National Project 211 and ranks top 50 of China universities.
  • The university is a young university and it is one of the fastest-growing universities in China.
  • Key subject: Materials, Mechanical Engineering, Information Engineering, etc.
  • Dormitories for international students are well-furnished and room charges are reasonable.
  • Located in the historical city of Nanjing, the capital of China before 1949 and just 300 km away from Shanghai.
  • Nanjing is a city with Chinese tradition as the background and full of many modern qualities.
Popular Programs
Non-Degree    More
Language Training Class - Starting Date:2015-02-27
Chinese Language Supplementary Course For Pre-college Students - Starting Date:2015-09-09
Language Training Class - Starting Date:2015-03-04
Language Training Class - Starting Date:2015-09-03
Language Training Class - Starting Date:2015-09-03
Bachelor's Degree   More
Opto-Electronics Information Science and Engineering - Starting Date:2015-09-24
Mechanical Engineering and Automation - Starting Date:2015-09-24
Software Engineering - Starting Date:2015-09-24
Automation - Starting Date:2015-09-24
Materials Science and Engineering - Starting Date:2015-09-24
Master's Degree   More
Precision Instrument and Machinery - Starting Date:2015-09-15
Computer Software and Theory - Starting Date:2015-09-15
Computer Applied Technology - Starting Date:2015-09-15
Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments - Starting Date:2015-09-15
Mechanical Design and Theory - Starting Date:2015-09-15
Doctoral Degree   More
Control Science and Engineering - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Computer Science an Technology - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Electronics Science and Technology - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Chemical Engineering and Technology - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Instrument Science and Technology - Starting Date:2015-09-01
Value of Money

not really feeling this university

2.9 points

The administration for international students is really poor...

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Average Living Expense: 2050 -2550 RMB