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MBA (in English)
Last updated: Apr.17 2015
Qualification Awarded:
Master's Degree Report mistake
Teaching Language:
English Report mistake
2.5 Years Report mistake
Tuition Fee:
RMB 35,000 per year Report mistake
Starting Date:
Sep 9 , 2015 Report mistake
Application Deadline:
Jul 17 , 2016 Report mistake
Application Fee:
USD 95 (Non-Refundable)
Academic Requirement:
Bachelor's Degree Report mistake

Program Highlights

  • Theory and practice
  • Commercial strategic vision
  • Understanding of the regional economic characteristics
  • Respect of the commercial culture

Program Description


The tuition fee for the second year is RMB30,000.


Why choose to study this program?

The program pursues to train senior managerial professionals equipped with sound business management knowledge and capabilities as well as an international vision and pioneering spirit.

Main Courses

The College emphasizes the education of students’ innovation ability and practical ability, underlines no-breaking in practical training and in innovation training, realizes the well interact between the first classroom (in university) and the second classroom (outside university).

Term Year Unit Term Year Unit
Term 1
1st Accounting for Managers
Economics for Managers
Term 2
1st Chinese Language
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior
Business Finance
Strategic Management
Management Ethics
Managerial Communication
International Business
Production and Operations Management
Chinese Economy and Culture
Term 1
2nd International Trade Law
Statistical Analysis & Decision Making
China Brief

Term 2

2nd Internship
Term 1
3rd Internship Note: Internship could be completed at home or host country.

Internship and Career Development

This program includes 1 year's internship period. In addition, the university provides career counseling service for students and constantly releases the internship and employment announcement.

The graduates can be involved in works like accounting, financing, banking, marketing and sales, operation (production work) management, information system management, law, human resources management and so on.

Diploma Awarded

Master of Business Administration

Academic Semesters

1.5 years’ course study + 1 year's internship (it could be completed in home country).

  • The 1st semester starts in Sep and ends in Jan.
  • The 2nd semester starts in Feb and ends Jun.


There are 74 professors and associate professors, 56 PhDs, and nearly 30 academic leaders of social science in Ningbo, including New Century Excellent Talents, 151 Project Talents of Zhejiang Province, young and middle-aged discipline leaders of colleges and universities in Zhejiang province, and a Yongjiang Scolar in school of business.

Some of them have won the title of National Advanced Worker, Excellent Staff of Ningbo City and many awards of Ningbo University, incorporating “Top 10 Professor”, “Top 10 Teacher”, Xu Wangyue special award, Wang Kuangcheng nurturing talents award, and so on. School of business has established an excellent faculty composed of academic leaders, backbone teachers and a large number of young teachers.

Zhong Changbiao
Subject: Economics
Education: Ph.D. Economics, Nanjing University
Research Interests: Regional Economics, Industrial Economics
Positon: Professor, Dean of Faculty of Business, Ningbo University

Yu Haishan
Subject: Industrial Economics, International Trade
Education: Master of Economics, Doctor of Laws, Zhejiang University, Beijing University
Research Interests: Sustainable Development, Trade and the Ecological Environment, Consumption and the Ecological Environment
Positon: Professor, Vice President of Faculty of Business, Ningbo University
Song Xiayun
Subject: Accounting
Education: Doctor of Accounting, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Visiting Scholar of Manitoba University
Research Interests: Risk Management, the Modern Risk-oriented Audit Mode
Positon: Associate Professor of Faculty of Business, Ningbo University

How to Apply

Application Procedure

Only 20min to complete your application
1. Click “Apply Now”
2. Fill in online application form - 10 min
3. Upload required documents - 5 min
4. Pay the application fee (CUCAS is authorized to collect on the university’s behalf) - 5 min
5. Click “Submit”
Important notice: You need to create a CUCAS account before apply. Account name needs to be a valid email, which will be used to receive CUCAS system notice.

Application Materials:

  • 1. Photocopy of valid passport
    With name, passport number & expiration date, and photo included
  • 2. 6 photos in the size of 2 inches
  • 3. Photocopy of Bachelor degree transcripts
  • 4. Photocopy of Bachelor degree certificate
  • 5. Two letters of recommendation
    From two respectable professors.
  • 6. Application Form
    For Sino-Australia Joint MBA Program only
  • You can download a template or sample from here.


Tuition Fee and living expenses

Tuition Fee(RMB) Living Cost(RMB) Total Cost(RMB)
Per Academic Year 35000 19200 - 24600 54200 - 59600
Total (2.5 Academic Years) 87500 48000 - 61500 135500 - 149000
Note: Living Cost including food, transportation and entertainment; (Living Cost: 1600-2050 per/month)

Other cost

Item Amount
Medical Examination RMB 400-500
Insurance RMB 800
Book RMB 800-1000
Residence Permit RMB 800
Beddings RMB 500
Estimated Cost Per Year RMB 3400-3700
Note: Application Fee, Medical Examination and Beddings Fee only pay at 1st academic year.

Total cost

Item Per Academic Year Total (2.5 Academic Years)
Accommodation Cost(RMB) 328500 - 438000 821250 - 1095000
Tuition Fee And Living Expenses(RMB) 54200 - 59600 135500 - 149000
Other Cost(RMB) 3400 - 3700 8500 - 9250
Total Cost(RMB) 386100 - 501300 965250 - 1253250
Note: Estimated cost above are calculated by CUCAS just for your reference.

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